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We provide AC DC jack repair / replacement on your laptop / notebook computer. DC jack on the laptop is also called, AC DC connector, input, port, inlet, socket, receptacle, a piece inside of the laptop where you plug in your ac power adapter into.

Most service centers don't want to deal with this problem by attempting to repair the DC jack. Many, including the large nationwide stores and the laptop's manufacturer, will either tell you the machine is not repairable or that they will need to replace the motherboard. These quotes usually run from $250 to as much as $800. They choose to ignore the fact that a broken DC power jack can be repaired without a motherboard replacement because they are not equipped with the tools or training to do DC power jack repair on your laptop.This is common for laptops which see their fair share of travel is an issue where the power jack becomes broken or loose and your power adapter no longer provides power to the laptop. This issue can be caused by the AC adapter being pulled out of the laptop power jack, or just due to being moved back and forth over a long period of time. We fix this computer repair problem all the time and can have your laptop power jack replaced so you won’t have to get a new laptop.

We take great care when handling all the computers we work with. When doing a laptop power jack replacement, we do not touch your data at all. In most cases, we have to remove the hard drive from the laptop during disassembly. We then place it aside when doing the rest of the work to get the computer working again. And when we reassemble the laptop, we place the drive back into the laptop, and make sure everything is working when we perform our final tests. When you bring your computer to us you can be sure you will receive quality service.

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