Laptop Screen Repair

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Do you have a cracked laptop screen? Maybe it looks like the screen is broken internally? If you’ve got a broken computer LCD, our laptop screen repair service is for you! What's more distressing than the sound of your laptop's screen cracking as it hits the floor? The voice of a tech-support rep telling you it will cost close to $1,000 to replace it.

Laptops are fantastic. We can take them everywhere we go, and they’re high-powered enough to crank through spreadsheets and other office work, but with this great technology comes great responsibility. Prices vary by model, but it absolutely makes sense to fix. Sometimes, it’s not the screen that needs to be replaced, but a cheaper part, such as the inverter board or video cable.

Computers are expensive machines, so don't let that broken screen turn your laptop into a paperweight! If you have a broken screen, it's more than likely that you'll know it. If your screen appears to be cracked or malfunctioning in some way, we should be able to take one look at it and tell you what the problem is.

Even if we don’t have a screen in stock, we can order the screen and it usually only takes a few days for the part to arrive. In any case, feel free to bring it by and we can give you a better idea of what we can do to help. As always, we offer FREE quotes on all repairs.

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We can replace most models of screens.

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