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Software is the term for all of the programs that run on your computer from Solitaire to the operating system. Depending on the problem, a software fix can be a lot easier than a hardware fix – or a lot more difficult. Most of the work we do is Microsoft and Apple computer repair, but we know our way around other systems too. We are happy to look at all brands of both smartphones and tablets as well.

When possible, repair technicians protect the computer user's data and settings, so that, after repair, the user will not have lost any data and can fully use the device with little interruption. A reliable, but somewhat more complicated procedure for addressing software issues is known as a restore (also referred to as imaging, and/or reimaging), in which the computer's original installation image (including operating system and original applications) is reapplied to a formatted hard drive.

Anything unique, such as settings, or personal files will be destroyed if not backed up on external media, also a service that we can provide, as this reverts everything back to its original unused state. Our technicians can only reimage if there is an image of the hard drive for that computer either in a separate partition or stored elsewhere.

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